How To Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WhatsApp Account In 6 Quick Steps

{ video } How to unblock yourself from someone’s moblie

​You can unblock yourself from someone’s WhatsApp account right from your phone. No need to install any third party application. Use the very old Whatsapp application.



Ak Nova

Step 1: Delete Your WhatsApp Account! 

Yes, You’ve heard right! The first step to unblock yourself from someone else’s WhatsApp account is to delete your own account. Go to WhatsApp settings>Account>Tap Delete Account
Step 2: Uninstall the Application 

Next, you have to uninstall the WhatsApp application completely from your phone and once done restart your phone.
Step 3: Reinstall WhatsApp from Google Play Store 

Now you need to go to Google Play store on your Android smartphone and search for WhatsApp. Once you get it, tap install.
Step 4: Recreate Account 

Once the app is installed on your smartphone, follow the same process of creating an account. Create the WhatsApp account in the existing contact number.
Step 5: Verify and Let the Contacts Sync 

At this stage, you’ll be asked to verify your phone number. Once that is done. sync the WhatsApp contacts on your account.
Step 6: Check WhatsApp and Find Out 

Now check your WhatsApp contacts lists. You have been successfully unblocked. Try yourself!
Please if this work for us.

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